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Cyber Relief

Experience peace of mind with our expert cybersecurity solutions tailored to protect your organization from cyber breaches and data leaks.

MAC Group's
Cyber Relief

Gartner analysts have predicted cyber-physical security incidents will rapidly increase in the coming years due to a lack of security focus and spending aligned to cyber-physical systems instead. Its analysis predicts 75% of CEOs will be personally liable for cyber-physical security (CPS) incidents by 2024 and a financial impact that will reach over US$50 billion by 2023.

Losing your data to a cyberattack brings about many issues. A data breach has the potential to ruin any business.  Nearly 60% of companies affected by a data breach are likely to go out of business due to reputational damage. Your customers, partners, and vendors suddenly will no longer be so trusting.​


Our featured solution provides scalable options to receive the best of our advisory, technology, and managed services.

Ways a cyber breach can ruin your business

Our Methodology

It is more about managing risk than preventing every possible attack. An inability to quickly detect, respond, and recover from a cyberattack can have both short- and long-term implications for your organization.

Business Meeting


IT Operations Recovery

We identify what is lost and the extent of the damage. This is the first step because the data/information stolen will directly determine your next step. We form a task force to manage the recovery process. Work with or provide the IT team to collate all the facts that will help formulate an effective plan. Ensure that you document - when it happened, how will it affect customers and suppliers, what assets were impacted, who are the victims and the type of attack.


Validate the integrity of your remaining data and deploy backups where available. Conduct a complete backup of your data on each computer and mobile device hourly, daily, or weekly depending on your business needs. Evaluate how much information is changed or the impact of losing the information in a loss event.


Security Analysis

We contain the Cybersecurity Breach. While you may be tempted to delete everything after a data breach occurs, preserving evidence is critical to assessing how the breach happened and who was responsible. The first step you should take after a data breach is to determine which technologies have been compromised and contain them as quickly as possible to ensure that other components and devices are not also infected.

Whether you are part of a broader attack or the sole victim, you will also need to determine the cause of the breach within your specific facility so you can work to help prevent the same type of attack from happening again.


Maintain Business Reputation

Attacks threaten the integrity of your company's information and sensitive data and challenges the ability of organizations to protect the details of their customers and employees. We provide quick and effective damage management.

  • Deploy an immediate response

  • Report cyber crimes to show quick action taken

  • Send breach alerts to customers

  • Keep all communication lines open

  • We educate your staff about data breach protocols

  • Partner with the media

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