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We provide Sub-Contract Administration services to assist the Client’s staff with management of complex contractual functions. MAC Group provides immediate staff to handle backlogs and situations involving:

  • Preparing bid packages

  • Conducts bidders conferences

  • Analyzes and evaluates proposals

  • Negotiates Subcontract provisions

  • Selects or recommends subcontracts

  • Prepares awards and administers resulting subcontracts

  • Negotiates and coordinates subcontract modifications


​We provide strategies and consultations relative to performance under the Client’s particular Contract to avoid and manage disputes while reserving clients’ rights for future recovery.



Most procurement organizations are actively seeking better, faster ways to improve productivity and remove hard and soft dollar costs from their processes.

Organizations are looking to eliminate non-core procurement-related activities from their teams’ responsibilities. Tedious procurement operations can easily be supported by outsourcing those reactive functions to our MAC Group advisors.

Our clients partner with us in order to streamline their procurement functions and improve overall performance and efficiency. Working together, we create, implement, and deliver customized operating models to increase the strategic impact of procurement for our client’s organizations. Our sourcing and procurement solutions are designed to provide access to advanced procurement expertise and capabilities, enabling faster time to value.

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