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Is securing your business important to you?

Safeguard your most valuable assets and shield them from relentless intrusion attempts from criminals.

Our Mission

Integrating cyber, tech, and physical security to safeguard your most valuable assets.

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Our Services

At MAC Group, we deliver a comprehensive range of cutting-edge services tailored to meet your business requirements.

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We Are Your Trusted Advisor

Purpose-built business and technology solutions that optimize performance to allow a successful outcome for our customers

At MAC Group, we’re in the relationship business. We offer expert business and technology solutions that accelerate digital transformation for our customers. Our services include the design, development, and implementation of new solutions as well as the ongoing management, enhancement, and support of our customers’ existing business operations.

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Lead the pack with modern technologies

MAC Group Technologies supports AWS services and products.
MAC Group Technologies supports Dell products.
MAC Group Technologies supports Microsoft services and products.

For managed IT solutions of all kinds including cloud migration, managed cyber security services, network services, and help desk support, our Managed Services can provide all the help you need. Our skilled and experienced support team is able to assist with issues and organizations both large and small.

Customer Success

Software Engineers

Liongard is a software company providing IT - Managed Service Providers the power to automate workflows, manual tasks and documentation.

MAC Group was able to engage early during the startup phase of Liongard to plan, strategize and implement an enterprise cyber security program. Our security architects worked side by side with Liongard tech teams to secure their cloud infrastructure and architecture which opened the way for them to achieve SOC2 audit success thus increasing their customer base.

In a Meeting

Market Street Talent is an IT staffing and specialized recruiting firm, staffing the IT industry with the right talent the market needs.

MAC Group partnered with Market Street and provided the security expertise needed for their customer to be successful. Our experienced staff was needed to rebuild their cloud network and security operations center.


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